Why should we send our kids to an Islamic school ?

  • When a child is born the first word the parents say in his/her ear is the ‘Adaan’ or the greatness of Allah but do they ever think about the first word that their child learns in a school? No, most of the parents do not even think of it. They admit them to expensive modern schools & think they have done the best for the kids successful life but what about their ‘Aakhirah’? If we ponder we will realise that most of these schools are full of anti Islamic contents. Be it the morning prayer, the syllabus, the environment or the culture that they follow.Our kids have a lasting impact of this culture on their tender minds & thus they unknowingly fall prey to shameless fashion, songs & dances, ill mannerism, misbehavior etc in the name of modernization and westernization.
  • Kids spend most of their productive time in school. If we send them to un islamic environment, we are taking risk with their Imaan & Aqeedah. Its our duty as parents/Muslims to obey Allah & to save our kids future in this world & in Aakhirah which will also affect our own Aakhirah !

Prominent Features:

  1. Modern Education in English Medium on Islamic Pattern
  2. Students are compulsorily made to offer prayer (Namaz-e-Zohar) after their classes so that practical knowledge of religion develops and Islam comes into practice in their day to day life.
  3. Classes on correct recitation (Qera’t) & pronunciation (Tajweed) of Quran and Arabic words.
  4. Special Classes of Spoken English, Martial Arts, Computer training, Personality Development.
  5. Transport, Generator facility & Hostel accommodation available.

New Features :

  1. Introducing Digi Class enabled class room where the students are taught in an interactive class with video and audio inputs and presentations along with the classic chalk and talk method.
  2. Introducing a new period “Story Reading” where in books containing stories of prophets and other Quranic stories and history of Islam will be taught/read by the students.
  3. Introducing Islamic Games such as Quiz, Puzzles and Coloring based on Quran and Hadeeth so that the pre primary students can know their religion in an interesting way.
  4. Introducing 2 hours weekly workshop for Speech/Debate, Drama, Naat Khwani, Quiz, Story telling.