School Rules

School  Rules Updated  2019-20

  1. Dates opening and closing of school are given well in advance and parents are requested to strictly add here to it.
  2. Admission
  3. a. The entry in class
    1. Pre- Nur.
    2. Nur.
    3. L.K.G.
    4. U.K.G.
    5. I
    6. II
    7. III
    8. IV
    9. V
    10. Elementary Grade

1st step – Registration of child.
Registration does not guarantee admission .
Registration fees is neither transferable nor- refundable.
Admission will be taken on the basis of interaction of child and parent with the school Principal.
The decision of admission will be Finally principal.

    • Pre-Nur 2+
    • Nur 3+
    • L.K.G. 4+
    • U.K.G. 5+
    • Elementary Grades 6+ onwards

As On April (1 st)

Visit us at the Dewan Global School with the age proof and a passport size photo graph of child


  1. Original and one photo copy of D.O.B. certificate
  2. Six- Photos pass port and Stamp size
  3. 1- passport photo of each parent
  4. At the time of admission, all formalities including payment of fees need to be completed very day itself.