Principal Message

Dear Student,
We welcome you to the school for the new Academic Session and would like to express the hope that it will prove to be a year of great success. As has been aptly said, the strongest factor required for success is Self Esteem:
Believing you can do it
Believing you deserve it and
Believing you will get it
Learning happens in various ways as you move up in school. It involves fun exploration conceptual understanding supplemented by application. School is a store house of knowledge , where you must take the opportunity to quench your thirst for information, satisfy your curious minds with answers and walk out liberated from the web of confusion. Remember curiosity , enthusiasm and persistence make one a natural and life long learner.
The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Success is always just round the corner. Have patience- things will work out!

God Bless.

Dr. Neha Dewan