Director Message

  • When a child is born the first word that the parents say in his/her ear is the ‘Adaan’ or the praise & greatness of Allah but do they ever think about the first word that a child learns officially in a school? No, most of the parents do not even think of it. I strongly believe that the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow and education is the foundation for all future possibilities in the life of a student. The parents try to give the best of worldly education to their child so that the child can live a comfortable life later on but forget about the Aakhira’h. The tender mind of these young children gets attracted and divulged in the materialistic environment and thus knowingly or unknowingly risks their Imaan & Aqeedah.
  • Rashad Moral School was setup to bridge this gap in between ‘Modern Education’ and ‘Islamic Education’ with the sole purpose of nurturing the young minds in such a way that they come out as finest and brilliant students in their modern academics as well as a true and complete Muslim in their lives. Quran says ‘I will guide you to the way of rectitude’ and this is where the name Rashad comes from. The guiding light of Rashad Moral School is Quran which surely is the only guide not only for the Muslims but for the whole humanity. The school provides this atmosphere wherein the focus is on dual development of the Childs ‘soul’ as well as the ‘mind’. The mind develops with best of modern curriculum and the soul develops with the best of Islamic ambiance and practice. The purpose of the education at RMS is “Education for both worlds…”
  • The objective of RMS is to catch them young and groom them to be not only disciplined, literate and responsible humans but also leaders with good character and far reaching vision intending to make the community and the country proud and I surely can visualize that.
  • May our school stand far and be an agent for social and moral transformation. Insha Allah…
  • Maulana Aamir Rashadi Madni

  • Director