• The School conducts Entrance test before granting admission to the applicants. The applicant has to clear this test for getting admission in the desired class. The admission is granted strictly on the basis of merit only.


  • The test paper has questions based on the subject matter of one class lower to which the admission is sought for. Eg: Questions would be asked from Class V course material if the admission is sought for Class VI.
  • Nursery & LKG – Oral Test
  • UKG to V – English, Maths, Urdu & Hindi.
  • V to IX – English, Maths, Science, Urdu & Hindi.


  • Admission form fully filled along with 2 passport sized photographs
  • Original and Photocopy of birth certificate.
  • Character Certificate/ Transfer Certificate of the last attended school if any.


  • Text books, Exercise books other items prescribed for different classes are centrally stocked at the school to facilitate their easy availability for the students.


  • A regular checkup of the school uniform is done by the class teacher and also during the daily assembly. The parents should ensure and the students must make it a point that his/her uniform is neat, clean and ironed daily.
  • Boys :-White Shirt, Grey Pant, Grey Socks and Black School Shoes with White Cap (Topi) & School Belt.
  • Girls :-White Shalwar, Grey Jumper, White Dupatta, Black School shoes and White Scarf.
  • Saturday & Sunday :-White Kurta & Payjama for boys and White Shalwar and White Jumper for girls.
  • Winters :-Grey Blazer/Pull over for both boys and girls.


  • Academic session starts from April to March every year. The educational facilities obtained in the school are at par with any reputed institution of its type. The annual promotions are decided through a system of continuous evaluation. At present the school imparts education in following subjects at different levels
  • Nursery to UKG – English, Hindi, Elementary Qaida, THEOLOGY (Dua), Maths and Conversation skills.
  • I to V – Communicative & grammatical English, Hindi and urdu. Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Craft & Drawing, Computer, QURAN, Theology (Deeniyat, hadith, Verses, Dua,) Martial Arts and Personality Development sessions etc.
  • VI to IX – Literary, Communicative and Grammatical English, hindi & Urdu. Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Drawing & SUPW, Computer, QURAN, Theology (Hadith, Verses, Fiqh, Qira’t,Dua,) Martial Arts and Personality Development sessions etc.


  • All efforts are made to provide help to weak students or the outliers. The progress of such students is monitored regularly and closely by the teachers and if required special measures such as extra classes are conducted for them.


  • The school has a well built computer lab with a dedicated computer teacher. A period of computer is assigned from class II and the students attain written as well as practical classes to get ready for the technology era.


  • The tender minds of the children are nurtured in such a way that they start understanding and differentiating clearly between good & evil, right & wrong and develop into an ideal Muslim and an ideal human being. The basics of Islam such as KALIMAH, DUA, and QURANIC VERSES are recited by the students in the morning assembly and a short Islamic story or hadith is narrated by the teacher to the students in the assembly. Moral values such as manners, cleanliness, kindness, honesty are taught verbally as well as practically in form of action, stories, videos and plays. Girls and Boys are made to offer Namaz-e- Zuhr in Jamat separately before leaving for home so that Islam comes in their practice in their day to day life.


  • The students are evaluated on different parameters including curricular and co-curricular activities and are judged accordingly. As far as academics are concerned, apart from surprise tests and mock tests and predefined monthly test is conducted every month for all the subjects and two trimonthly, one half yearly and one annual assessment is conducted to evaluate the students performance and grade him accordingly.


  • Each Thursday, a two hour session post recess is assigned for co-curricular activities such as Debate, Speech, Lectures, Quran Reciting (Qira’t), Drama & Play, Poetry (NaatKhwani), GK & Islamic Quiz, Storytelling etc.
  • Martial Arts classes are run thrice a week for the students to learn self-defence and develop physically strong.
  • Special classes for Arts and Craft are organized occasionally for the students.
  • Educational tours or Excursions are often taken to important places and venues.


  • There is a provision of awarding excellent students in different categories so as to recognize and encourage them as well as motivate other students to improve & perform constantly. The different categories of awards are Attendance, Toppers, Cleanliness, Most helpful, improvement, Student of the year award etc.


  • The school offers its own transport vehicles such as buses and taxis to pick and drop the students door to door from the nearby areas.
  • Generator facility is available to address the electricity issues and students comfort.
  • Hostel accommodation is available only for boys from IV class and above. Feeding and Lodging is provided by the school and a Warden is appointed to look after the hostellers.