Dewan Global School is concerned for taking up and modifying the energy that a child has into a positive energy and prepare them into smart and positive individuals with no fear to face new environment.

The school offers –

1. Learning of Hindi , English and Maths with
2. Music, Art and dance
3. Role Playing
4. Pretend playing and many more activities for children to learn and have fun.

There will be 6 units in which the child is graded.  A, B, C, D grades are the final assessments for any class.
The curriculum framed by encourages students to development an understanding of key concepts.
In the curriculum , at this level concepts are represented by different examples that shares common attributes. In this way, a sound bases is built to equip with appropriate attitude and skills.
At school subjects like Art,  Music,  Dance,  Theatre,  Story Telling Recitation,  Baby Pools. Knowing about environment and computers. The child has its own curriculum documented and defined for Pre- nur to class U. K.G. and for children of elementary grades as well.