About Us

  • Rashad Moral School is located at Rashad Nagar in the heart of Azamgarh city. The school campus provides an aesthetic and sophisticated surrounding congenial for healthy teaching and learning. Our mode of teaching is based on CBSE Pattern with projector techniques and live demonstrations at par with the classic chalk n talk method.

Aqwal –e- Mujeeb (Quotes of Mujeebullah Nadvi r.a.)

  • Intelligence can never substitute Persistence, those who are dedicated and determined succeed in life and those who advance on their intelligence and smartness have their lives like bubbles.
  • If Education does not lead a man to simplicity, reason and kindness than such an education is neither useful to the human nor to the humanity, it’s worthless.
  • A child who prays for his parents and does charity for them shrinks their sin, hence the child should be brought up in such an atmosphere that he adapts to these ethical values and morals.
  • Accepting one’s fault and apologizing for it is the virtue of brave. This along with truthfulness brings more respect to the person whereas rigidness and lie leads to dishonor.

Aims & Objectives:

  • Rashad Moral School was established in Azamgarh with an aim to provide a platform to bridge in the Modern Education with Islamic values at the core. Our motto is “Education for both worlds”. The school emphasizes to impart the education to boys and girls through English Medium, Digital & Scientific technology and Islamic atmosphere so as to nurture them into an ideal Student, ideal Human and an ideal Muslim and lead them to success ‘herein’ and ‘hereafter’.
  • The school shall promote Islamic values, morality, patriotism and religious integration by broadening the outlook of the students so as to develop a spirit to serve Islam as well as their country and at the same time foster in them the ideas and essentials of modern education to fulfill the necessities of worldliness.
  • Our objective is to prepare our ‘Little Angels’ to be able to lead the ‘Race of Life’ with the confidence of being an ideal Muslim as well an ideal Citizen and nurture them in such a way that their physical, mental, cultural and moral development takes place parallel and positively

Mode of Education

  • The medium of education is English and the mode of education is versatile which includes the classic ‘Chalk n Talk’ method as well as the digital audio and video modes of application. Projector, Audio & Video inputs, practicals, live examples and live experiments are used to teach the students whenever is required.